Postcards in my Head

Postcards in my Head

Every Picture tells a Story ...

Dear App Developers: Make sure your Software understands fundamental cosmic Truths


Hey Human, sharing is caring!

How to scare the Shit out of Western Helicopter Parents!

Great Minds think alike - so do stupid ones …

The so called “Thinking outside the Box” is a Matter of Perspective, personal Integrity and Bravery - not a Question of Intelligence.

Hey Human, can I please have a quiet Moment to myself and finish my Breakfast?!


Yes, there are Conspiracies, but most Greed and the Lust for Power are out in the open for everyone to see - if they want to.

Stop Welfare in your own Kitchen!

Earth Day - another great Example of collective wishful Thinking

The Earth doesn’t need to be saved - we are the ones who need saving from our own Greed.

Happy 88th Birthday Queenie

You are a unique suburbian Snowflake!

This Time I am prepared for that fucking Postman!

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Have you ever considered living an ordinary Life in an extraordinary Way?

… that reminds me of going for my regular Prostate Exam

Fear is the charming and solid Foundation of all Religions

Kitsch saves!