Postcards in my Head

Postcards in my Head

Every Picture tells a Story ...

All together now: Meeeh!

Lucy had a great Way to show that she didn’t like Kisses


I call this my Pit of horrific Normality of Bourgeois Living

Would the Owner of the black Stallion please remove him from the “No Horse Zone” …

It is called the vaginal Heimlich Maneuver

After all that Screaming of his new Pet Charles had a great Idea for a Book


So you decided to become a Nun and that fucking Jesus Guy doesn’t even show up for your Wedding Night!


Why would you need a Second Life, when you clearly haven’t mastered your first one?

And that’s why Charles invented the digital Image Frame

This is not Violence, it’s called Male Bonding


Oh Shit, I am still on the same idiotic Planet!

How tough Girls get rid of Hair on their Legs …

After the Operation your Girlfriend won’t remember that you promised to marry her

Lucie just hoped that one Blowjob would be enough to pay Charles for a nice Day out